I am passionate about creating classes that take big concepts and break them down so they are easier to understand in new ways. By incorporating class discussions, open-ended questions, and cooperative learning I am able to create a highly interactive, fun, and inquisitive class atmosphere where students share ideas, learn, and problem-solve. In my classes, I make sure that students feel heard and understood. I teach in a manner that encourages them to speak, try, create, and excel without the fear of making mistakes. This helps the student to be their best self; confident and happy. My specialty is integrating different types of subject matter, interests, and technology into each lesson. The techniques and skills taught can be applied to all future educational endeavors

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    Hi! I am Teacher Coco...

    Let's learn creatively together.

  • Experience

    I work as an English teacher, a Primary Teacher, and an Art Teacher. I love teaching because I can help others to improve their skills. It gives me joy and excitement to meet learners from around the world. My classes offer a variety of ways to help you learn English and Art in a fun, engaging, and positive way. I can't wait to meet you!!!

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    I have a Bachelor Degree in Arts and I am US State certified in Elementary and Secondary Education covering a variety of subjects. I have been accredited to teach English as a second langugae.


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    I have been teaching internationally in a brick-and-mortar classroom for over 10 years. I have expereience with Curriculum/Lesson Planning, and Instruction. Primary Curriculum Topics: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Comprehension, English, Math, History, Life Sciences, Social Studies, Community Skills

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    For over 3 years, I have been lucky enough to teach remotely online. I have been working with diverse learners of all levels for many years. My background includes planning and delivering lessons to children and adults.

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    Over 30 years experince in the Visual Art Field. I have a background as a professional artist and have taught the following Art courses: Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Color Theory, Photography and Art History.